Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 These Terms and Conditions govern your use of this website and transactions related to our products and services. Additional contracts related to your relationship with us or any product/service may apply, with conflicting provisions resolved in favor of the additional contracts.

2. Binding Agreement

2.1 By registering, accessing, or using this website, you agree to abide by the outlined conditions. Use of the website implies knowledge and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Explicit acceptance may be required in specific cases.

3. Intellectual Property

3.1 We or our licensors own all copyright and intellectual property rights on the website, including data, information, and resources.

3.2 Content is available under a Creative Commons license – Attribution, unless specified otherwise.

4. Newsletter

4.1 You may forward our newsletter electronically to interested individuals.

5. Third-Party Ownership

5.1 Hyperlinks to third-party websites are provided. We don’t control their content, and terms of third-party websites apply.

5.2 We are not responsible for privacy practices or content on third-party websites. Users assume associated risks.

6. Responsible Use

6.1 Use the website for intended purposes, complying with Terms, additional contracts, laws, and industry guidelines.

6.2 Prohibited activities include malicious software distribution, improper data use, and actions damaging the website.

7. Cancellation Policy

7.1 Follow this link to see all the info about the Cancellation Policy

8. Submission of Ideas

8.1 Do not submit intellectual property without an agreement. Submission without agreement grants us a license to use the content.

9. Termination of Use

9.1 We may modify or discontinue website access/services. We’re not liable for resulting losses.

10. Warranties and Liability

10.1 Website and content provided “as is”. We disclaim warranties. Limited liability applies; exceptions to legal rights may exist.

11. Privacy

11.1 User information is collected per registration requirements. Users agree to provide accurate information.

12. Applicable Legal Regulation

12.1 These General Conditions adhere to applicable laws for consumer protection and contracting. They are integral to package holiday contracts.

13. Registration

13.1 Registration for a course requires a 30% payment, with full payment requested later. Information may be provisional.

14. Price

14.1 The course price includes specified items; additional costs are not included unless stated.

15. Modifications by the Organizer

15.1 Significant alterations before or during the course are communicated to customers. Refunds or alternative activities are provided based on circumstances.

16. Cancellations by the Participant and/or Course Cancellation

16.1 Cancellation terms apply, including refunds for cancellations made within specific periods. COVID-19-related cancellations are subject to voucher issuance.

16.2 No refund if the customer fails to meet course requirements.

17. Cancellations by the School: Force Majeure

17.1 The School may cancel due to force majeure, with consumer entitlement to a refund excluding communicated non-refundable expenses.

18. Passports, Visas, and Documentation

18.1 Users must ensure proper personal and family documentation. Responsibility for visas, passports, and vaccination certificates rests with travelers. The School is not liable for rejections or denials due to user non-compliance. Minors require written permits from parents or guardians. Users are responsible for meeting visa requirements.

These consolidated and ordered terms and conditions are effective upon acceptance by users accessing the website or engaging in transactions related to products and services.

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