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Surya Yoga School is located in Valencia (Spain). It was founded with the enthusiasm and purpose of being a yoga school that offers residential intensive yoga trainings in contact with nature. 

Our school aims to convey the practice of Hatha yoga with a holistic vision and from a spiritual perspective, deeply rooted in the traditional yoga, with influences from Tantra yoga and a special focus on the 7 energY chakras of our subtle body.

We conceive yoga as a way of life that includes a conscious physical practice (with an unbreakable connection to meditation), a journey of constant self-discovery that encompasses body, mind, and spirit.

We aim to awaken your spiritual curiosity, prompt you to question your own thoughts, bring consciousness to your patterns and, most of all, go beyond the physical practice off your yoga mat.


Certainly, we believe that teaching is one of the best ways to learn. Therefore, our methodology is one of experiential learning, with a strong philosophical foundation as support. You will have daily teaching practice, so that you can find and develop your own way of teaching. In the physical aspect, we use yoga props for adaptations, such as straps, blocks, yoga wheels, or “feet-up” stools. In addition to Hatha yoga, our students have the opportunity to experience workshops in Yin Yoga, Tantra yoga, Aerial yoga and Acroyoga.

Our training covers the four paths of yoga. Therefore, besides the practice of Hatha yoga (Raja Yoga), we include sound healing sessions, mantra chanting and kirtan (Bhakti yoga) letting our voices connect with the Divine and immersing ourselves in a loop of music, chants, vibration, and devotion. We also work on the path of Karma yoga (with selfless tasks and actions) and Jnana yoga (wisdom and self-knowledge), delving, questioning, investigating, and reevaluating everything within, in a journey of self-discovery, attempting to apply the ancient philosophical and ethical precepts to your daily life and seeing that they still have a place in our current society.

As yoga is a way of life, we also believe that contact with nature and mindful eating are essential, to which we pay special attention. We are convinced that you can integrate yoga into your daily life both on and off the mat; that’s where the true journey begins. We will transmit yoga to you as we feel it, sharing from our true experience, not just theoretical knowledge. Living together. Sharing.

We know that YOU are already your best teacher, we will just guide you to realise.

yoga course spain



Marcos Ponce

yoga school spain

I am a passionate yoga teacher with an innate connection to this discipline since childhood. My journey in the world of yoga has been truly transformative, marked by enriching experiences that have shaped my perspective and practice.

My commitment to yoga deepened even further during the five years I lived in the idyllic Alpen Retreat in Austria, a yoga center that became my spiritual home. This unique experience allowed me to immerse myself in the essence of yoga, absorb its teachings, and live closely aligned with the principles that guide this philosophy of life.

My training as a 200-hour Tantra Yoga teacher with Satya Loka has been a crucial milestone in my path. This experience has not only expanded my knowledge but has also enriched my personal practice, allowing me to explore the deeper connection between mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga is my guiding light in daily life, a practice that brings balance, peace, and mindfulness to every moment. I deeply enjoy sharing this passion with others and conveying the transformative benefits that yoga can bring to our everyday lives.

As a yoga teacher with 15 years of experience, I have had the honor of guiding countless students on their journey to well-being and self-realization. Additionally, as an AcroYoga instructor for the past 7 years and C.E.O. of Taotrips, I have led retreats and events for 5 years, providing participants with the opportunity to immerse themselves in practices that combine spirituality, connection, and fun.

Every class I teach is an invitation to explore yoga beyond the mat, integrating it into daily life. My goal is to inspire and empower my students, guiding them towards a holistic state of well-being. I am excited to continue sharing this beautiful journey with you and all those seeking the path of authenticity, health, and serenity through yoga. Namaste!

Mariam Molina Fraile

Mariam Molina

yoga school spain

My relationship with yoga was love at first sight. In 2020, I completed my first 200-hour teacher training (Hatha yoga), and that same year I founded Moon Spirit Yoga, an outdoor yoga group in contact with nature. I wanted to share with people a transformative space and time to connect to their mind, body and spirit, that was yoga for me, a place where I could feel myself, accept myself and love myself. From there, the journey has been unstoppable. I was also trained 100h in Tantra yoga (2021, Greece) and 50h in Aerial yoga (2022, India). With my enthusiasm to make yoga accessible to many people, I wrote and published a yoga book (Your Body, Your Mind, Your Spirit, YOUR YOGA) at the end of 2022. In 2023 I went to Bali for an advanced 300-hour yoga teacher training.

Passionate about yoga as a way of life that combines body, mind, and spirit. In love with the more traditional styles of yoga, with Sanskrit language, Tibetan singing bowls, sound, vibration, and the philosophy behind this ancient practice. I love reciting mantras accompanied by the magic of my shruti box, especially during special full moon sessions and kirtans.

After 12 years dedicated to teaching and 5 years organising events and retreats, I can say that teaching is the best way to learn. And there’s nothing I like more than sharing what I’m passionate about: yoga. Although, deep down, I feel that this way of life is not something that can be “taught,” which is why I prefer to say that I “share” yoga, instead.

I continue to learn every day on my yoga mat and beyond the mat. Looking forward to meeting you in this journey. Will you join us?

yoga course spain


Formación profesor yoga valencia

Become a certified yoga teacher. More than a course, a life-changing experience.

yoga course spain

formación profesor acroyoga valencia

Learn the basics of acroyoga and its teaching methodology in 100h Acroyoga teacher training (YACEP).

yoga course spain

Toatrips specializes in yoga, hiking and acroyoga retreats. If you want to travel to Valencia and enjoy our retreats in nature, check our website for upcoming dates and events.

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